Hi darling! I’m Brittany. If you’ve ever felt that tingle of excitement when you step into a cozy space, or if you’ve been known to break into a happy dance at the sight of Disney &/or Universal parks, we’re already on the same page. I find joy in creating spaces that wrap me in an embrace of comfort and then heading out to theme parks to figure out how to bring some of that magic home with me. When I’m not lost in the world of décor daydreams or soaking up the essence of theme parks, you’ll catch me capturing my everyday feminine lifestyle in full color on my YouTube channel! That’s where I bring my adventures to life and hopefully make you feel like you’re right here with me. So, whether you’re looking for cozy inspiration, insider theme park tips, or just want to add a little sparkle to your daily routine, welcome aboard. Let’s navigate this adventure together, because life is one big story, and every moment is a chance to add a splash of our own kind of magic. Cheers to shared stories, Brittany